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Lifeologie Counseling Frisco TX

Creative Solutions to Stuck Problems® Counseling for individuals, couples, and families. It is our goal to help you tackle your issues with enthusiasm, honesty, common sense and a sense of humor.


A creative, multi-specialty approach to life’s inevitable difficulties.


Collaborative care from a professional
team you can trust.



Same day & next day appointments
Virtual counseling also available..

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Professional Counseling Servicesby Creative Therapists

Lifeologie Counseling Frisco is a collaborative community of creative therapists. We bring our “what box?” approach and relentless commitment to collaboration to our work with adults, teens, children, elders, couples and families.

We offer individual, marital, family, play, group and psychotherapeutic yoga therapy & professional counseling services. Serving Frisco, Plano, Richardson and the surrounding communities.


Wins Celebrated


Hearts Mended


New Leaves Turned


True Selves Found

* numbers are estimates - it's probably way higher 

Couples Counseling

When two lives come together,
things can get tricky real quick!
Our couples counselors can help you with
even the stickiest relationship issues.
We offer pre-marital, couples, blended family
partenting and last-ditch marital therapy.
Don't give up! Reach out instead.


Kids, Teens & Tweens


Parenting is tough business.
When problems hit and the answers
won't come, smart parents ask for help.
Don't be a super-hero. Let us help you
with your kids. Play therapy, parenting skills
training and family therapy available.


Common Issues

Let's be real.
The only normal people you know
are the ones you don't know very well.
Your story may involve a lifetime
of struggles. Or maybe, you've just
hit a rough patch. Let our team of
specialists help you through it.


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It's your journey.
Sometimes you just need to try a different road.

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