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About Lifeologie Counseling Frisco

creative counselor in frisco tx


A creative, multi-specialty approach to life’s inevitable difficulties.

collaborative counselor in frisco, tx


Collaborative care from a professional team you can trust.

client-focused counselor in frisco, tx

Client Focused

You are our focus. Virtual counseling also available.

In 2007, Ly Tran joined the Lifeologie Institute family at the start of his counseling career and was so impressed with the energy and innovative approach that he wouldn’t call it quits until he could open a few of his own a decade later.

Our Frisco office brings a fresh, collaborative perspective to any issue.  We like to think of ourselves as a brain-heart think tank: we haven’t met a problem we didn’t like or couldn’t unstick as a group.  Our team of multi-cultural and seasoned therapists carries years of experience across therapeutic specialties including marriage, family/parenting, children/adolescents, anxiety, and on and on!  Book An Appointment today, and let us help you get to work on getting your life to where YOU want it to be.