Embodying Your Authentic Self

A Two-Part Workshop for Women

If you have found yourself living a life juggling numerous roles, filled with countless responsibilities, feeling stuck in a repeated cycle, and as if you are just going through the motions, your authentic life may seem FAR out of reach!

This 2-part group workshop is meant to serve as a safe space where women feel supported, heard, and seen while sharing their stories and learning how to live their lives authentically.

Living authentically means that we must look inward at our present selves, determine the factors that are blocking our way to authenticity, and work to challenge self-abandonment. During these workshops, we will talk about the components of self-abandonment and then write out how this may manifest within ourselves/lives. We will then identify the actions we can take to mend this and work towards embodying our authentic selves.

Together, we will support each other in taking the steps to live more authentically! This group will be empathic, supportive, and kind. If this sounds like you, please email elizaf@wefixbrains.com for more information and to register.

Email elizaf@wefixbrains.com for more information and to register today!


Eliza Fochler

Eliza works with individuals who have been previously incarcerated, have substance abuse issues, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, neuro-developmental disorders, and more. Through working with many diverse populations, she has gained invaluable experience and has learned more about herself and her interests within the profession. Some of her interests include women’s issues, young adult’s issues, grief, trauma, and substance abuse. Click here to learn more about Eliza.