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DBT Skills Class for Adults with Addictive Disorders

Dialectical Behavior Therapy or DBT skills training is a weekly group, run like a class, which teaches skills across four main topics:

  1. Mindfulness is designed to teach a person how to focus their mind and attention.
  2. Distress Tolerance is centered on accepting the current situation and finding ways to survive and tolerate the moment without engaging in problematic behavior.
  3. Emotion Regulation skills include learning to identify and label current emotions, identifying obstacles to changing emotions, reducing emotional reactivity, increasing positive emotions, and changing emotions.
  4. Finally, Interpersonal Effectiveness skills teach effective strategies for asking for what one needs, saying no, and coping with interpersonal conflict.

Our DBT skills group aims to teach a broad set of basic skills that are relevant to a variety of mental health needs and challenges. DBT skills are evidence-based and research has shown effective in reducing symptoms for adults with borderline personality disorder, and those with depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders.

DBT skills classes are 90 minutes, once per week ($50/session). Rasheeka Fogg, LCAS, LCMHC will serve as the group leader and skills instructor. Elizabeth Grady, Ph.D., LCMHCS, will serve as co-leader. Email for more information or to register for the skills group. Our groups allow for 4 people to be in person (we will maintain social distancing and require masks in our group room) and 6 to join online. 

Group members are asked to complete homework assignments in which they practice the skills taught during the weekly lesson.

Group Details:

Who’s it for: Adults

When: Every Tuesday 4-5:30 P.M from 3/2/21 – 5/17/21.

Duration: 90 minutes

Cost: $50 per session

Where: Online or in person