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Don’t Panic! A Webinar for those who want to live free from panic attacks

Ever say to yourself, “Don’t panic”? Well, what if you could actually say it and make it happen?

Join anxiety specialist, Liz Grady, for a two-hour presentation on understanding

  • what panic attacks are,
  • uncovering what keeps panic in your life, &
  • learning more about the panic cycle.

Liz will help you find new ways to interrupt the panic cycle and begin to break free from attacks. Liz will share practical strategies that will help you lay the groundwork for recovery.

Group Details:

Who’s it for: Adults

Dates/Times: July 29, 6-8pm and August 26, 6-8pm

Duration: 2 hours each

How much: $25 per person

Where: Online via ClickMeeting