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Personal and Intimate Relationship Skills Workshop

Communication is the exchanging of thoughts, opinions, and information. It is the way you relate with your partner. Communication involves talking and listening to your partner, asserting yourself when you need to, and arguing appropriately. Whether you are sharing personal experiences or talking about what each of you would like for dinner, you are using communication skills. Open, honest, and direct communication is critical in any healthy relationship.

This workshop will cover 5 areas of relationship skills including the following:

  1. effective communication
  2. how each person’s personality impacts communication
  3. identifying your unique relationship needs
  4. discovering your comfortability with intimacy (romance, compatibility, love, and sex)
  5. handling conflicts effectively

Blanche Mikhail, the workshop leader, will present concepts and encourage participants to join the discussion, use self-reflection, share their self-assessments, and journal about their learning journey. The workshop leader, Blanche Mikhail, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate, is a specialist who counsels people through a variety of life transitions and relationship challenges!

**Bring your partner or come by yourself!!**

Group Details:

Who’s it for: Adults/Couples

March 6th
April 3rd
May 1st

Time: 10 am to 2 pm

Cost: $125 per workshop per couple

Where: Online