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So, you’ve begun to think about bringing your child in for counseling. We know that this is an overwhelming and sometimes difficult decision to make. However, simply by learning about your options, you are taking steps towards what’s best for your child. Play Therapy is a term that is sometimes used alongside “children’s counseling,” but there are some important distinctions.

Play Therapy is to children what talk therapy is to adults.

When something difficult happens and you need to process it, what do you do? Talk about it. With a friend, a family member, a counselor…

Young children do not have the vocabulary yet to express their feelings the way adults do. They can’t say “I was confused and sad when my mom had a new boyfriend, but I’m glad she’s happy” in the same way that an adult or even a teenager can.

Cue: Play.

Play is a child’s natural form of communication. They work out their emotions and gain understanding of their environment by “playing” out related themes. In play therapy, the counselor creates a therapeutic play space for the child to work out their emotions, process any difficult situations or traumas, and gain confidence in their ability to handle the intangible.

Treatment Applications

children experiencing:

  • developmental challenges
  • bullying
  • challenging home environment (divorce, blended family, etc.)
  • social withdrawal
  • big life changes (new school, new sibling)

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Lifeologists are counselors, life coaches and overall wellness advocates who are experts and specialists in their craft. From EMDR to nutrition coaching, brain spotting to play therapy, we have you covered. Even our offices are carefully curated to feel modern, comfortable and inviting. Counseling at Lifeologie is not your typical counseling experience – in any way.

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