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A Therapist who Listens
Courtney's desire is to come around couples, individuals, and teens seeking support and desiring to make positive changes in their overall wellness. Many clients find themselves “stuck,” unable to configure an avenue that points them in the right direction. Courtney’s goal is to guide her clients in accepting themselves, creating new ways of thinking, and helping restore mental, physical, and emotional freedom. 

As your counselor, Courtney will help you develop a fresh perspective to reach restoration and prosperity. You can expect to receive the highest level of care from her based on acceptance, genuineness and empathic understanding. She will continuously strive to create a safe and welcoming therapeutic environment, where you can freely explore and share your thoughts, ideas, goals, and needs.

As a former athlete, teacher, and coach, Courtney has the opportunity to connect with students and athletes who find themselves struggling with school, sports, and pressures that come with performing on the field and in the classroom. This includes supporting parents as they balance the needs of the individual and family unit.

Getting to Know Courtney
Courtney experienced a series of traumatic events that led to her eventual pursuit of becoming a counselor. On her 16th birthday, she suddenly lost her dad and shortly after, her brother was diagnosed with cancer, which was quickly followed by more death and trauma within the family. It was through those difficult experiences that prompted many questions and created a desire within her to help others, as a therapist once did for her. 

Courtney thrives on patios with great weather, being near a body of water and investing in her community. She also has a competitive nature, which was proven by the half court shot she made at the Dallas Mavericks basketball game.