Heather Williams Dutcher


Telehealth Provider

Get to know Heather

Heather’s passion is to come alongside individuals, couples, and families though the beautiful mess we call life. If you are wrestling with how you relate to yourself -  shame, identity, anxiety, depression, or wrestling with how you relate to others - marital, parenting & co-parenting, family dynamics, communication - you don't have to go it alone.

Heather is an avid believer that relationships provide a window to the heart of an individual like no other. Our closest relationships tend to reveal our most wounded places. Those hurts, if left unresolved, are carried forward and recast into our patterns of relating. All our experiences, but most particularly our pain, become the filter through which we sift and construct our view of self, our approach to life, our ability to trust, and our capacity to love and be loved. 

Heather approaches counseling as a come-along-sider, offering a client-counselor relationship that pursues the depths of the client’s heart while simultaneously welcoming all that it finds there. Free from condemnation, judgment, and shame, she offers an environment which beckons one to draw close, discard their masks, and lay bare their scars. Believing authentic freedom requires us to face our pain rather than flee from it, she will lead you towards those wounded places to find Healing, Restoration, and Hope.

A Unique Perspective

As a child, Heather grew up in an environment of addiction and generational divorce. Her life experiences, personal journey in counseling, and education have allowed her to develop a unique perspective of how our woundedness becomes the filter through which we sift and construct our belief systems. “Since our beliefs ultimately drive our emotional, behavioral, and cognitive responses, when we build our lives around distorted beliefs, we have sabotaged ourselves.” 

As a mother of a blended family; two biological children, three step-children, and one child through an informal adoption, Heather has a passion for strengthening parent-child relationships, facilitating co-parent relationships, and enabling the voice of the young by helping parents see the world through the lens of their child. Whether you are blending your family through adoption, foster care, or re-marriage, or your family dynamics are changing due divorce, significant childhood milestones, or behavioral problems, Heather would love to sit with you as you traverse this season of life.

Getting to know Heather

In her spare time, Heather enjoys spending time with family & friends, finding the next piece for her weird art collection, traveling, and all things science fiction. She believes in failed leaps over half steps, ugly laughing at her own jokes, living outside the box, owning her own failures, singing out loud at musicals, apologizing easily, and if it's crazy, to live a little crazy.