Honey Bunches of Love

Therapy Dog

Get to know Honey

Honey is a purebred Shih Tzu born in Wilmington, North Carolina. Honey is a playful, affectionate, outgoing pup. Honey has big dark eyes and the sweetest expressions. She is curious and loving. Shih Tsu (pronounced in the West 'sheed-zoo' or 'sheet-su'; the Chinese say 'sher-zer'). The Shih Tzu is a toy dog breed originating from Tibet and was bred from the Pekingese and the Lhasa Apso. Shih Tzus are known for their short snouts and large round eyes, as well as their long coat, floppy ears, and short and stout posture. Shih Tzus have been affectionately called the little “Lion Dog” for a thousand years. They were bred to resemble lions in appearance, posture and to entertain palace royalty.

Honey weighs 13 pounds, and stands about 14 inches tall. She is surprisingly solid for a dog her size! Honey is a long-haired dog and sheds very little, which makes her friendly to those with allergies to pet dander or pet hair. Honey gets regular grooming to keep her luxurious coat trimmed and super soft. Her coloring is gold with black markings around her eyes and snout. Being cute is a way of life for this lively charmer (although she doesn’t like bows in her hair). Shih Tzu's idea of fun is sitting in your lap acting adorable as you give them belly scratches and cuddles. Honey lives up to her heritage in a big way!

Experience providing animal-assisted therapy: Began January 2023, still in training and working toward certification.

Therapist and human partner: Dr. Elizabeth Grady, PhD, LCMHCS