Jenny Wang

LPC-S, Clinical Director

Telehealth Available

Get to know Jenny

Jenny is one of our most experienced and gifted therapists as well as the Clinical Director of our Frisco location. Jenny’s sweet spot is walking with clients who are struggling with the pain of past trauma and abuse. Using the tools of somatic awareness, internal family systems and trauma-informed therapy, she compassionately helps clients bring together the fragmented pieces of themselves. Trauma causes disconnection - with one’s emotions, body, and relationship with others - and healing is a process of reconnecting those fragmented and lost parts. Jenny is also experienced in helping teens and their parents grow through the struggle of depression and anxiety and rebuild their connection which can often deteriorate during those difficult times. While parents will often seek out counseling to help with destructive and detrimental behaviors, Jenny is adept at looking at the root cause of the symptoms.

Jenny’s compassionate and laid-back style instantly connects with teens (yes, even those who initially don’t want to go to counseling), and as a mom of four, she understands (daily) the guilt and fears that parents experience in wanting the best for their kids. She will work alongside you to help your child understand and work through their obstacles and, as is always her goal, fully appreciate the amazing person that they are. She is also a regular speaker for both youth and parent groups at local churches. In particular, she finds it a joy to help immigrant Chinese parents bridge the generational and cultural gap that they and their Asian-American children can find themselves in. 

Outside of the counseling office, Jenny has her hands full with her five favorite people in all the world: her four kids and husband of 23+ years. They enjoy biking and hiking around Lake Lewisville, serving at Grace Chapel Church, and cheering each other on in all their various activities. 

Style & Approach 

Jenny’s approach to counseling is to 1) help you understand your core, foundational thoughts about yourself and how you relate to the world around you. That is, the beliefs, assumptions, perceptions, opinions, and/or interpretations about a) your value (am I worthy of love?) and b) your “belongingness” (where am I truly known and accepted?). It is these foundational and subconscious thoughts, when distorted by self or others, that can lead to being and feeling stuck in unhealthy behavior or difficult emotion. 2) Help you reframe those distorted thoughts into a healthier, empowered, and compassionate inner voice. A neuropsychology nerd, she also enjoys incorporating brain science and practical techniques to help facilitate understanding and connection. A key component to the link between 1 and 2 is to journey back to the origin and progression of those subconscious thoughts and beliefs with a trusted guide. 

From your first meeting with Jenny, you will sense her genuine care for you as she helps navigate you, back to the onset of broken beliefs and continue forward toward your personal counseling goals. And through this process, she will help you realize your courage and strength. Jenny has extensive experience counseling in the following areas: family therapy, teen therapy, premarital counseling, sexual assault trauma, crisis intervention, human trafficking trauma, domestic violence trauma, grief counseling, dissociative disorders, OCD, adoption and foster care work, healing for children and spouses of emotionally destructive family dynamics. She is also EMDR and ART trained.