Jenny Wang

LPC-S, Clinical Director

Telehealth Provider

Get to know Jenny

With over twelve years of experience, Jenny Wang is passionate about Trauma Recovery. Her sweet spot is helping teens and their parents through depression and anxiety, a common cause of detrimental behaviors initially bringing them into counseling. Jenny loves helping parents rebuild connections that can often deteriorate during those difficult times.

Jenny is a regular speaker at area Chinese churches, speaking to immigrant parents in order to bridge the generational and cultural gap that immigrant parents and their American born children experience.

A neuropsychology nerd, she likes to incorporate brain science and practical techniques to help facilitate understanding and communication. Jenny uses a combination of attachment theory and cognitive behavioral therapy in her sessions: We all long to be connected to significant people in our lives, and disconnection is fueled by the fear of the inability for 1) us getting the connections we need, or 2) others providing the connections we desire.

Two weeks before her 17th birthday, Jenny was giggling with friends over Seventeen magazine ads on their way to summer youth camp. The next moment, she recalls being rushed to the hospital after the van they were riding in had been struck by a cement truck. A few years later as her world crashed around her, she could no longer hold onto the facade that she was “okay”. What she didn’t know and didn’t have a name for at that time was the term, PTSD. She had labeled it so many other things that ultimately pointed to some innate deficiency: weak, failure, unworthy. Being able to know how to define her inner world was the beginning of healing and empowerment.

Jenny has extensive experience counseling in the following areas: sexual assault trauma, crisis intervention, human trafficking trauma, domestic violence trauma, grief counseling, dissociative disorders, OCD, adoption and foster care work, healing for children and spouses of NPDs and BPDs. Her experience can also help discover the root of areas of disconnection in life and work towards practical steps to move into deep connections. As a trained EMDR clinician, she uses a highly tested technique to leverage the neuropsychological and structural components of the brain to treat trauma, depression, complex anxiety and a number of other severe issues.

Outside of the counseling office, Jenny has her hands full with her five favorite people in all the world: her four kids and husband of more than 15 years. They enjoy biking and hiking around Lake Lewisville, serving at Chase Oaks Church, and cheering each other on in all their various activities.