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Mei 程梅 is a bilingual (English & Mandarin Chinese中文) counselor assisting stressed-out, burnt-out, wounded and hurting individual and families to heal and to overcome challenges in life, whether in emotional, psychological, physical, relational, or spiritual part of life.

Mei works with individuals (12+), couples, & families who need help with Anger & other Emotional Challenges, Anxiety, Depression, ADD/ADHD (teen & adult), Bipolar, Chronic Illness/Pain, Conflict & other Relational Challenges, Pre-marital & Marital Concerns, Work/Career Challenges, Parenting, Cross-cultural Challenges, Spiritual Challenges/Growth, Personal Growth.

Mei holds a whole-person view and utilizes a holistic approach – she believes all aspects of a person–biological, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and relational, are all interconnected and impact the person’s overall wellbeing. Her therapeutic approach is tailored to each individual’s overall situation and specific needs and goals. She works diligently with clients through their challenges in a personalized, supportive environment of healing and growth.

more about mei

Mei (pronounced MAY) was born in Chengdu, a Chinese city with a 9-million population. Raised by her grandmother in Chengdu while her parents worked in the harsh environment of the Tibetan plateaus, she observed first hand the close-knit but badly enmeshed dynamics of families typical in Asian cultures.

At a young age, she coped and navigated relational tensions across multiple generations by becoming a people watcher and people pleaser, which she has unlearnt with the help of counseling. Beyond the education she received in China, she obtained MS in Management Information Systems from University of Missouri - St. Louis and MA in Counseling from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Mei’s work experience spans from middle school teacher, inside sales rep, admin assistant, HR manager, to programmer/analyst, but she’d say that her most challenging job is parenting in a dual-culture home. Mei’s passion to serve people at a deeper level was realized while working as a computer programmer and analyst.

After experiencing the great benefits from counseling during her son’s turbulent adolescence, dealing with the conflicts in her cross-cultural home, her own depression, fibromyalgia, and other chronic health issues, she found her calling in counseling. In her spare time, Mei loves eating and catching up with friends and family, especially around a Sichuan hotpot! Her love for music led her to choral singing for a period of time, and now she follows the Aussie band Sons of Korah and a few other musicians.

For respite, she loves exploring the woods and listening to the sounds of nature, especially where there is water, bubbling or roaring!

程梅出生于成都,因父母在條件惡劣的藏區工作,她由成都的外婆帶大。她從小為了討得身邊親戚的喜歡而學會的察言觀色和她所經歷的一切磨練均被上帝使用,來幫助她在研究探討人性和關係上得到深刻的洞察力。從成都到美國, 她做過英語教師、行政助理、人事部長、電腦程式設計/分析等工作。她豐富的人生經歷教給了她很多學校裡學不到的知識和經驗。她的跨文化婚姻和混血兒子帶來的在溝通技巧和應對衝突的能力上的挑戰,給了她不斷學習和成長的機會。在自己和家人體會了輔導所帶來的益處後,她更渴望用從中學到的來陪伴、幫助他人。於是她回到研究院學習並獲得她的輔導碩士學位及德州專業輔導執照,成為實習持照輔導(Licensed Professional Counselor Associate)服務有需要的人。她擅長精神/心理疾病(抑鬱症、焦慮症、青少年和成人ADHD等)和跨文化、跨代輔導,也很樂意幫助在靈性、信仰上疑惑、掙扎的人。她致⼒於幫助那些在精神/⼼理、情緒/情感、關係/社交、⾝體及心靈上受困掙扎的⼈在康復過程中找到⼒量、⽬標、扶持和希望。