Dana Washington

Master's Level Intern

Supervised by Elizabeth Grady, LCMHCS

Telehealth Provider

Get to know Dana

When Dana thinks of introducing herself, she thinks about standing before the president and members of an army promotion board. She thinks about what information should be disclosed before them. What information about Dana is beneficial to discuss? But most of all, what information is valuable for the board members to get a glimpse of.

Dana lives outside of Fayetteville, North Carolina but was raised in Maryland but gained life experience through military service and travel. She served in the Army for twelve and a half years and made the hard decision to step away from the military in 2020 to be more available for her family.

Veteran Counseling

Dana wore many hats during their military service. Her favorite hats were those donned when helping soldiers and their family members through life events. Helping turned into a passion, Dana chose to pursue it in the form of counseling. Dana holds a BS in Social Science and is pursuing their MA in Counseling – Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Wake Forest University.

Dana’s goal is to connect with veterans considering counseling or mental health support. She understands veterans' experiences and roles during their military careers and the impact it has on life after military service. Together we will work on creating new routines and levels of discipline built around personal goals and standards. The pace of the general population tends to be more relaxed with little need to "range walk." This slower pace can take some getting used to. As a team, our goal is to help you work through stress management, improving relationships at home and work, and reintegrating into civilian life after prolonged military service.

Style and Approach

Through experience, Dana learned that family is the pillar of the veteran. Sometimes the pillar cracks under stress requiring a repair of its own. Dana’s goal is to work with the veteran family member through complex relationships at home and school and changes at home such as deployment, reunion, divorce, and grief adjustment issues.

Veterans seeking support, counseling, and mental health treatment can feel like the monster under the bed. She looks forward to showing you that the monster under the bed is just a stigma and easy to defeat.