Candace Belin

Master's Level Intern

Supervised by Sarah Taormino, LCPC

Telehealth Available

Get to know Candace

Candace is naturally drawn to understanding the ebb and flow of life, as has been a curious individual for much of her life. In fact, she remembers hearing that she had an old soul throughout her childhood.

Candace’s natural curiosity supports her open-mindedness in genuinely getting to know people that she has the pleasure of meeting. Her theoretical approach of cognitive behavioral therapy allows her to understand the formation of thoughts, emotions, and behavior, especially while working with children and adolescents. As physical and social-emotional development changes at such an expedient rate with children, she holds a passionate space in her heart for them. Furthermore, Candace appreciates all developmental theories across the lifespan as all people may experience difficulties in understanding their emotions, actions, and experiences at any given point.

Candace’s therapeutic approach molds a reflective mirror for human beings to glance at themselves without harsh and critical judgments. She understands the impact that social environments and life experiences may have on an individual’s view of themselves. She encourages others to take a deeper look at themselves while helping them navigate their strengths, in order to learn and appreciate their resilience. It’s safe to believe she likes to spread hope.

Candace stumbled on the field of psychology serendipitously, while pursuing a business degree with a concentration in human resource management. After successfully passing her introductory course in psychology at SNHU, Candace quickly changed her major to psychology. A first generation college student, she graduated in 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a concentration in child and adolescent development during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic further influenced her to decide to pursue counseling in favor of neuropsychology. She wanted to provide immediate relief in the field of mental health counseling sooner rather than later, after hearing about the sudden increases of suicide rates in children and adolescents in Nevada and across the globe.

Candace works alongside crisis counselors as a psychiatric caseworker for the Department of Children and Family Services Children’s Mobile Crisis Response Team. In addition, Candace is currently striving to complete her goal of becoming an exceptional therapist. She is now gaining clinical experience as a student clinical professional counselor intern (associate) in her Master of Arts in Community Mental Health Counseling program at Palo Alto University (PAU), in California.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends while being silly and joining them with great laughter--she seldomly holds back on having a good time! She is a California native but currently lives in Las Vegas with her four beautiful daughters. She is a mom and mother-in-law to her eldest daughter and son-in-law, both of whom are in the US Army. She is also a grandmother to her handsome grandson, who breaks the tradition of all females in Candace’s nuclear family. Candace also enjoys spending a lot of time in nature and talking to her plants. She provides tremendous effort in hearing what her plants have to say! It’s apparent as a counselor, a mother to her children and son-in-law, grandmother to her grandchild, and tender to her plants that Candace is a born nurturer.