Carrie Cravens


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Carrie Cravens works out of our Allen location as an adjunct therapist on Monday evenings. Carrie believes that all people deserve to be treated with compassion and without judgment. Her approach to counseling involves building relationships and attachments with clients and caregivers so that clients feel safe in times when they are the most vulnerable. Carrie uses techniques from play and activity therapy to establish trusting relationships with children and involves parents as needed in order to enhance connection with the child in meaningful, healing ways.  This is achieved through rapport building with parents, working at the child’s pace and modeling appropriate attachments within the therapeutic relationship. Carrie also has training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques which she uses with older children, teens and adults to help them see that challenging and changing some of their thoughts and behaviors can help them cope with their circumstances.

 Carrie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Texas. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Texas A&M University and a Master of Science in Social Work from The University of Texas at Austin. Carrie has over fifteen years of experience working with parents and children. She began her career as an Early Intervention Specialist and later as a counselor with Early Childhood Intervention of LifePath Systems. She has also worked in private practice for the past ten years providing counseling to children of all ages, teens and adults. In 2019, Carrie was selected as a “Mom-Approved Wellness Professional” by DFW Child Magazine. She currently works as the Clinical Program Manager for Beacon of Light, a mental health ministry of St. Andrew Methodist Church. 

Carrie has comprehensive training in child development, parenting and behavior modification. She specializes in working with children, tweens and teens, caregivers and Moms struggling with parenting/life demands and/or postpartum depression and anxiety.  As a therapist, Carrie’s goal is to work with the family as a whole and provide strategies to the caregiver that can be implemented at home in between sessions. She believes that the most successful and lasting results come when everyone works together as a team. Carrie recognizes that parenting is hard, but so is being a child or teen in a world of academic and social pressures which include technology and social media. Her hope is that she and her clients embark on a journey together with outcomes specific to each person’s unique circumstances so that change will endure as the journey continues.