Kim Morton

Master's Level Intern

Supervised by Mark Olkowski, LMFT

Telehealth Available

Get to know Kim

Kim Morton believes that healing happens in relationships where people feel welcomed and appreciated. With over two decades of experience in teaching, mentoring, and advising adolescents, young adults, and women of all ages, Kim has a strong background for helping clients manage stress, work through depression, overcome anxiety, or walk through grief. Her personal experiences with career changes, caring for aging parents, parenting and working with parents as a teacher, allow her to better understand her clients’ experiences in these areas.

She enjoys helping 20 – 30 somethings work through the challenges of adulting, career, marriage, parenting, as well as helping them discover what brings meaning and purpose to their lives. 

Likewise, Kim has a passion for coming alongside women of all ages and helping them with the special issues women face, including the trauma of abortion

After caring for her father-in-law in the last years of his life, Kim developed an interest in helping older adults to deal with the challenges of aging, retirement, loss of a spouse, and dementia.

She believes in a wellness model approach for counseling, holistically considering each client’s psychological, emotional, and spiritual health. She respects that individuals are the experts on their own lives and seeks to come alongside her clients to help them achieve the change they desire. 

career changes and becoming a counselor

Kim and her husband have made North Dallas home since they married. She worked for a real estate investment trust in Dallas after graduating from college. When their son was born, she worked part-time in children’s ministry and women’s ministry at First Baptist Church of Carrollton, where she enjoyed leading women’s Bible studies and mentoring young adults. Later she taught juniors at Trinity Christian Academy in Addison, where she developed relationships with many young people whom she still mentors today. 

The experience of teaching during COVID and helping students, former students, and others through the many emotional and psychological struggles that evolved from that experience solidified her decision to pursue a degree in counseling. Kim is currently completing her Masters in Mental Health Counseling at the University of North Texas. 

meaning and purpose

Kim believes that being part of a healthy community is important to living a fulfilling life. She has found that helping others to communicate, build and maintain healthy relationships, and live their best lives within community is what brings meaning and purpose to her own life. 

She loves adventure within the context of community. She believes that you really get to know people by experiencing life with them. Whether it’s cooking with the Masai women under a tree in Africa, visiting with a native New Yorker at a Yankee’s game, watching France win the World Cup with locals at a café in Provence, or sipping tea with a new friend from church, she’s likely encouraging someone to tell their story.