Krista Plasky

Master's Level Intern

Supervised by Mark Olkowski, LMFT

Telehealth Available

Get to know Krista

Do you ever feel like you are the only one…? The only one who feels this way, the only one who struggles with [you name it], the only one who wonders if there is anyone that can help? If so, Krista is the counselor you should meet. She works with individuals, couples, and teens, especially those experiencing depression, anxiety, grief, addiction, trauma, trouble communicating, and developmental differences. She has extensive experience facilitating groups for women struggling with betrayal trauma, supporting individuals facing addiction, and guiding teens as they learn the importance of healthy boundaries, relationships, and self-worth.

collaborating with you through your unique process

Krista is a firm believer that every person’s story is unique and worthy of sharing. She understands that our experiences impact how we perceive ourselves, our lives, our journeys, and our relationships. She believes that counseling is a highly individualized process, created through collaboration and trust between herself and her clients. With this in mind, she creates a personalized treatment plan for each client in an empowering, supportive, comfortable therapeutic environment. She draws on concepts from person-centered, narrative, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

an excellent listener and communicator

Krista’s story began in the Midwest and took her to Oregon, California, and now north Texas. Her interest in helping others began with her earliest memories and eventually led her to the pursuit of professional counseling. When she began college, she was studying psychology but then stumbled upon communication studies. She became captivated by the effect of quality communication in all types of relationships. She saw the power of effectively listening to and understanding others and its ability to foster healing and connection. 

laughter, quality time, and relaxation

Krista loves live comedy and can often be found listening to or watching comedy podcasts and documentaries in her free time. A perfect day would include hanging out and laughing with her loved ones, watching a game, sharing a meal, taking a walk, or sitting outside. She has been married for more than 25 years, is a mom to their three children, and loves watching their unique personalities, interests, and talents develop.