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Divorce and Adjustment

All we need is love! Bah bah bah dah dah! All we need is love, love. Love is all ya need… right?


Love is not all you need when your partner is bent on self-destruction or bent on hurting you. Or when deep hurts become deep bitterness.  

Some marriages simply die of neglect. Sometimes couple part with little (if any) love left. Regardless of why your relationship has ended, you should expect a wide range of feelings: shame, anger, loneliness, sadness, guilt, fear or relief.

Divorce recovery and adjustment typically follow three distinct phases of healing:

Initial Devastation:

This is the hardest phase and will likely feel like a catastrophic sense of life as if everything in your life is out of kilter. You may experience disorientation, numbness, depression, and anxiety. Your sense of worth may be diminished and all motivation is gone.

Gradual Recovery:

Once the initial sense of devastation begins to wane, and the intense feelings of betrayal start to dissipate, your decisions will become less difficult and any fantasies of revenge will seem less wonderful. In this time you allow yourself space and time to grieve and begin the journey of self-exploration. Working with a Lifeologie Counselor will help you get to this phase more quickly.

Ultimate Renewal:

After working with a counselor you will finally reach a place of peace with a new found excitement about starting new. At this time new desires and ambitions or a revival of lost dreams may show up. Throughout all of this, there is usually some personal and spiritual growth.

While everyone goes through these stages at their own rate, with their own flavor, it is the mission of the Lifeologie counselor to make sure you don’t lose yourself in all of the changes, in all of the feelings. We can help you sort it all out, make sense of it, and develop a new path for yourself.