Aisling Sansevere


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Get to know Aisling

Aisling (pronounced ASH-LING) hopes to inspire healing, growth, and balance so you can live your best life with authenticity. Whether it’s the past holding you back or a rift in the present, Aisling's passion is supporting you every step of the way on the journey to reach your goals and get the most out of what life can offer. Together, she can help you, your partner, and your family figure out how to navigate the tough terrain of thoughts, feelings, and emotions and find the insights and resources within to rewrite and strengthen the narrative you want for your life.

Aisling believes therapy offers an incredible opportunity to support individuals, couples, and families in acknowledging and overcoming barriers to healing and change. She creates an authentic, collaborative, and non-judgmental space to explore areas of your life you would like to improve or transform. This is also where her depth of knowledge and experience helps guide you through the best approaches, tools, and techniques that will enable the shifts in thinking and behavior necessary for you to grow and achieve positive and lasting change.  

Through continuous training and a holistic systems-based perspective, Aisling understands the significant role and impact relationships play in our lives and how to harness the power of collaboration and connection to make a difference when it’s needed the most. She knows firsthand, when working with adolescents, how leveraging the help of others including parents, teachers, and other caring professionals can further promote and advance personal growth and healing.    

Regardless of age or life stage, Aisling enjoys working with individuals in their search for identity and purpose; helping individuals, couples, and families improve their communication, intimacy, and relationships; and supporting others in pursuing their aspirations. 

Aisling Sansevere is a practicing licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT).  She received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Syracuse University (Go Orange!).  She’s a huge sports enthusiast.  You can catch her and her hubby at various professional sporting events. When she’s not cheering for her favorite teams, she enjoys cooking, hiking, traveling, soaking up all the latest reality TV shows, and running around with Ernie, her tiny chihuahua terrier.