Rachyl Nyoka


Supervised by Karen Reeder, LMFT

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Get to know Rachyl

Rachyl Nyoka currently holds dual licenses in the states of North Carolina and California as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate (LMFTA) and a registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT), respectively. She was awarded a Master of Arts in Couple and Family Therapy from the California School of Professional Psychology where Rachyl began to integrate her creativity for understanding the human mind with her passion for exploring the human heart and spirit.

Rachyl believes true healing is an integrative art that must include every dimension of a person’s life and that therapy, while incredibly useful, is only one piece of the puzzle. At her core, Rachyl believes therapy is meant to be a mirror and she strives to reflect back to her clients those pieces of themselves they may fear, resent, or deny. She works by empowering clients to challenge personal patterns, confront learned behaviors, and question attitudes and beliefs, all while facilitating deep understanding and awareness of self, relationships, community, and environment.

Rachyl grew up outside of Cleveland, Ohio, and has lived and worked in major cities all around the US including New York City, Chicago, Orlando, and San Diego. Her diverse experience since completing her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Northwestern University includes roles in various helping capacities at organizations of all sizes. Rachyl has had the privilege and pleasure of serving at-risk youth in community clinics, foster agencies, and schools, as well as providing in-home services for families with children on the autism spectrum. As part of her clinical training for marriage and family therapy, Rachyl has worked in substance use clinics, facilitated process groups, and treated clients living with severe and chronic mental illness in a community mental health setting. 

Rachyl came to the healing arts profession as someone seeking her own integration and understanding following a difficult childhood and teenage years. She soon found great joy in the honor of walking with others as they learned to step more deeply into their authentic selves and co-create lives they are proud to live. Rachyl has also had the privilege of assisting clients in the integration of personal journeys with plant medicine.

Rachyl’s theoretical background is trauma-informed and operates on a framework of bio-psycho-socio-spiritual-environmental health. She pulls from traditional Eastern healing disciplines including mindfulness and meditation, as well as the more Westernized traditions of narrative therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. Rachyl also incorporates creative therapies into her approach, adopting techniques and concepts from ecopsychology as well as expressive arts therapy. Specifically, Rachyl’s interests lie at the intersection of consciousness studies, the relationship of creative expression to health, post-traumatic growth, and ecopsychology (or how the human relationship with the natural world impacts human health). 

Rachyl firmly believes that change is a promised Truth. You will never experience the same day twice. You are never the same person from moment to moment and, in fact, you are filled with innumerable selves just waiting for the opportunity (and permission) to shine. Are you ready to give yourself that permission?

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