Cassie Bay


Telehealth Available

Get to know Cassie

Cassie works with the young and old; anyone experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma or work-life transitions. She is EMDR trained. This allows her to effectively work with abuse, the emotional hangover caused by a chaotic childhood, the daily traumas of our first responders or any unforeseen circumstance that has someone experiencing PTSD.

She works well with military spouses as these relationships have an important place in her heart. Her fiancé is in the U.S. Navy.

In addition to adults, Cassie is passionate about working with children. She has specialized training and will incorporate play therapy into sessions with the littles. She will use talk and experiential with adolescents. It’s about whatever it takes to help children navigate at an age appropriate level both school and home; especially those difficult middle and high school years.

Cassie is homegrown in Fort Worth. Although from a loving and close-knit family she ran north of the Red River for an undergraduate degree. Her parents try not to hold that against her. The University of Oklahoma provided her with a great education and a start to her counseling career. More recently and back on our red dirt, she completed a Master’s degree at the University of North Texas at Dallas. It’s another excellent program and how we were introduced to this incredible woman. She was our intern as part of her degree completion. Because it all came so naturally we asked, borderline begged, her to stay with us through the remainder of her licensing. We look forward to having her around a long time.

When she is not working, Cassie spends time with friends and family, traveling, baking, and reading a good book. She is outdoorsy and will often do that with her four legged friend, Bonanza.