Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) encompasses an extensive range of behaviors and learning differences, with a wide variety in the type and severity of symptoms that people experience. People on the autism spectrum are born with brains that are neurodivergent, meaning they work differently. Children and adults with ASD may excel in some areas but have challenges with communication, social interaction, repetitive behaviors or interests, or different ways of moving or processing information.

About 1 in every 36 children will be diagnosed with ASD, according to the CDC, although those who require less intervention may not be accurately diagnosed until adulthood. There is no single underlying cause for ASD, nor is there a universal treatment or “cure”, although medications can address some symptoms, such as sleep disturbances, self-harming behaviors, aggression, and hyperactivity. Therapy with a counselor who is trained in working with people on the autism spectrum may help with anxiety, depression, life transitions, and other mental health issues.

ASD counselors focus on developing socially appropriate skills, managing sensory integration, and building emotional bonds. Applied behavioral analysis (ABA), relationship development intervention, and play therapy can encourage appropriate behaviors, while cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can help people with ASD manage connections between their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to help them deal with stressors and identify future goals.

Signs and Symptoms

  • highly sensitive
  • difficulty communicating
  • social challenges
  • restricted interests
  • repetitive behaviors
  • routine-dependent
  • irritability

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