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Intimacy occurs within a relationship when people share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences in order to feel closer to one another. Intimacy creates trust, acceptance, validation, and a mutual giving and receiving of emotional support. In a romantic context, that emotional connection may extend to physical touching and sex. 

Intimacy issues can include sexual problems, such as painful intercourse, sexual dysfunction, lack of desire, or emotional or physical infidelity. Common intimacy issues also include fear of abandonment, fear of losing one’s self, inability to commit, addictive behaviors, generational trauma, and difficulty communicating.

Intimacy issues that may develop in a relationship include a lack of touch or of communication; emotional neglect, rejection, verbal, physical or sexual abuse, trauma, or substance abuse. The stresses of work and family life may also add to intimacy problems. Or, childhood experiences may lead to difficulties connecting in adult relationships. 

Unresolved intimacy issues may lead to depression, isolation, emotional dissatisfaction, loneliness, or behaviors that sabotage relationships and self-care. Co-existing conditions, such as mood disorders, anxiety, stress, medication side effects, and physical illnesses or injuries can also contribute to difficulties building intimacy. 

Consider working with a counselor who specializes in addressing intimacy issues in a culturally competent, nonjudgmental space to help you start the process of establishing trust, boundaries, self-worth, and asking for what you need to build a healthy relationship!

Common Challenges

  • stress 
  • infidelity
  • trauma
  • isolation
  • fear of abandonment

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