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Pre-Marital Counseling

Thinking about getting married? If so, have you had “the talk” with your significant other? Not yet? Lifeologie Counselors can help you voice your concerns in a safe, respectful manner during pre-marital counseling.  Most conflicts for newly married couples are avoidable and arise from these areas

  • Cohabitation – Do you both enjoy the same level of cleanliness? How will basic chores be divided? Don’t let the damp towel on the bed break you. Meet with a pre-marital counselor to help set expectations for your future home.
  • Career goals and ambitions – Are one of you planning to go back to school or have ambitions to relocate in order to climb the corporate ladder? Counseling can open the doors to having this conversation and lead to healthy, supportive long-term relationships.
  • Money management – Finances create a lot of conflicts. Will you have a budget? Share an account? Is there existing debt that needs to be resolved? Counseling helps resolve any issues and create a plan for money management
  • Sexual desire and expectations – How much sex is enough? Does his libido match yours? Is there more or less you want in your sexual relationship? A counselor will help you voice your needs and concerns regarding sex and determine if additional sex therapy may be needed.
  • Having and raising children – How many? Where will they go to school? What’s your parenting approach? Parenting is tough. Being on the same team is necessary to face the challenges of raising kids.
  • Over-protective mother-in-law – It’s not always his mom that creates conflict. Other extended family members may also present difficulties in your relationship. Pre-marital counseling helps address these issues before they get too big.
  • Disagreements – Arguments happen. How do you approach resolving conflicts today? For help with general conflict management come see one of our counselors.
  • Religion & spirituality – Do you share the same belief system? If not, there is a potential for conflict down the road. Our counselors have worked with couples with differing backgrounds enhance their relationship.

Even the healthiest couples argue on occasion. In fact, it is healthy to have differing points of view. However, learning to work through the conflict, and not suppress it, is critical. Pre-marital counseling helps couples avoid unpleasant surprises after marriage and will alleviate the tension of any existing issues. Don’t let the excitement of the wedding day overshadow concerns you may have. For pre-marital counseling in Grand Rapids, Ada, or Forest Hills, we are here to help. Call or email to schedule an appointment.

To get a preview, watch this video on why you need premarital counseling.