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ADHD Counseling & Therapy

Does My Child Have ADHD? (…Or Could I?)

ADHD counseling can help you solve the puzzle of why a smart kid can’t seem to reach his or her full potential.  Does your child’s boundless, unfocused energy remind you of a rambunctious, untrained puppy? Do you have your fair share of “awww” moments, but still fight a daily battle to outpace a tidal wave of household destruction and the storms and troubles at school?

If so, your child may be dealing with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD. Trust us: You’re not alone on this one! One in ten school-aged children will be diagnosed with ADHD before age eighteen.

Three clusters of symptoms that comprise ADHD

1. Inattention:

  • Neglecting details—particularly in schoolwork (Complicated long division problems or critical reading passages? Yeah, forget it!)
  • Goldfish-like attention span (including forgetfulness or easy distractibility)
  • Disorganization (Just take a quick peek into your child’s locker or backpack)
  • Absence of listening skills (especially when it’s important!)
  • Difficulty meeting school deadlines or adhering to time constraints (for example, trying to finish a timed test)

2. Hyperactivity:

  • Fidgeting or difficulty staying in a seat
  • Running or climbing exceeds the normal bounds of childhood play
  • Amped up behaviors that exceed age-appropriate norms

3. Impulsivity:

  • Boisterous or intrusive behaviors (blurting out answers to schoolwork; interrupting playmates; speaking purposelessly or loudly)
  • Difficulty waiting to speak or interact when appropriate

ADHD in Adults

Adults can have ADHD too! But thanks to years of practice and our fully developed frontal lobes, we’re a little better at concealing our condition from the masses.

Symptoms of ADHD in adults may include:

  • A pattern of failed deadlines in academic or occupational settings
  • Procrastination or poor time management skills (including a lack of punctuality)
  • Forgetfulness or disorganization (when it comes to organizing your workspace, paying the bills, remembering to attend meetings, lectures, or appointments)
  • Distractibility (A funny paradox: Do you require a source of sound—television or music—in order to block out the sound of silence and meet your deadline?)

At Lifeologie, we specialize in innovation and focus on what works.

A person with ADHD must learn effective ways to cope with his/her neurobiological inclination for attention-drift and the impulse to act without thinking. Effective therapeutic interventions for ADHD include traditional approaches such as psychotherapy and medication management, as well as health and nutrition coaching, mindfulness training, and yoga therapy.

And at Lifeologie, we’re here to help you crack the ADHD code and help you unlock your child’s (or YOUR) true potential!