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Managing Life Transitions

Ready or not, we all go through numerous life transitions, some positive like going to college, changing jobs, getting married, having kids, and some not so great like getting laid off, going through a divorce, dealing with the death of a loved one, facing challenging health conditions. These become those periods of awkward emotional spaces where we have to shift from the comfortable and familiar to coping with what’s new. Whatever the circumstances, navigating this gray zone of transitions can be difficult, presenting us with new problems and demanding us to respond in new ways.  The professional staff at Lifeologie Counseling Oak Cliff is here to help you

Tips for successful life transitions

Here are some tips for surviving and thriving through these difficult and uncertain times:

Expect to feel depressed and/or anxious.

Moving forward requires that we leave something behind. This creates an internal state of grief. Sometimes it’s small, other times overwhelming.  The more sudden or unexpected, like a job layoff or relationship breakup, the shock, depression, and anxiety will be much greater.

Realize that this is a new chapter in your life.

While you need to acknowledge any loss or change in your life, you don’t want to be stuck in the past. Recognizing that a door has closed is healthy. Wasting your time staring at that door is not.

Be positive. Think opportunistically.

In the movie Up In the Air George Clooney played a character whose job is to fire people for companies that were downsizing. He always began his termination speech with “ I’m here to talk to you about new opportunities.” Is it a bit of spin, a bit forced – sure – but it is also true.

What’s next for me?

You may be asking yourself “What’s next?”. During significant life transitions, when everything seems to be in flux and your old patterns have collapsed, you may feel unsteady but are also most malleable to change. Take time for yourself to explore, brainstorm, and consider the change before your life begins to naturally solidify into new patterns and routines. For example, beginning a new relationship you have the opportunity to experiment with being more bold, more assertive, or more honest than you were before. This is the time to think outside the box.

Be patient.

All life transitions take time to mature into the new normal. It’s important to have realistic timeframes and expectations. The counseling staff at Lifeologie Oakcliff can help you settle into your new life.  There will be challenging days ahead. Having an experienced counselor to talk to and work with you can help speed up the transition and allow you to manage the changes more effectively. Call Lifeologie Counseling Oak Cliff at 972.590.8030 today and let us help you navigate these new life transitions.