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Brain Mapping

Lifeologie now proudly brings to you the most cutting edge technology and services in mental health diagnosis and treatment: Brain Mapping.

“What in the world is a brain map?” 

A brain map is something that can be done in some highly specialized medical offices focusing on brain health. However, we have brought onboard Dee O’Neill who has spent the last many years specializing in brain health and brain mapping. When you come in for a brain mapping session, first Dee will help you get comfortable. Then she will put on the cap that will record brain waves across 20 sections of your brain. While the eVox machine is monitoring your brain activity, Dee will lead you through a series of steps and activities prompted by the machine. The activities will measure memory, executive attention, word fluency, affect, sensory and motor skills. They also gauge response time and consistency to “go/no go” type situations. In addition, Dee will utilize an integrated ECG to evaluate heart rate and overall heart health, as well as heart rate variability (a measure of brain-to-heart communication and automatic nervous system dynamics). After your brain mapping session is over, Evoke will process all of the information and put together a visual “brain map” to indicate which parts of your brain are functioning optimally, and which parts are under or over-performing.
Brain mapping for depression

“Why would I get a brain map?”

Brain maps are incredibly useful in understanding your overall brain health. It can show areas where previous traumas (concussions from decades prior) have decreased brain activity. It can indicate if your brain functioning shows signs of depression, anxiety, ADHD or even the biomarkers of Alzheimer’s. It can help your doctors understand the extent of your symptoms, and can lend information about how best to treat your mental health. Brain mapping should be strongly considered if any of the following applies to you:
  1. You’re looking for ways to really understand your brain functioning, and how that impacts your mood and your day to day life.
  2. You have sought psychiatric treatment for anxiety, depression, ADHD and you just haven’t been happy with your results.
  3. You’re interested in keeping your brain healthy for decades to come.
The cost for going through the brain mapping process is $3900.
Brain Mapping can help demensia

“What if I’m not quite ready for a brain map but I want to learn about my brain’s functioning?”

We’ve got you covered. Dee also offers a less intensive Neurocognitive Consultation, which assesses your body’s central nervous system’s vital signs. For this process, you’ll be sent a link for an assessment to complete online that will take around 30-45 minutes. It will provide you a report with evidence-based medical/health rating scales and a cognitive assessment. This process will check for any issues with sleep, mood, attention, memory, brain speed, and overall health. After this assessment is completed, you will meet with Dee in order to discuss your history and any current concerns and goals. Dee will also review your assessment results with you and explain how they may be impacting your day to day life. The NeuroCognitive Consultation process costs $750.

“What will happen after my brain map/neurocognitive consultation is done?”

Dee O’Neill, our resident expert on brain functioning, will make recommendations about treatment that will specifically address the concerns that you have. She will follow your lead in helping you accomplish what you set out to do. There are several components of brain health that will be considered to help you reach your goals: Together we will get to the bottom of what’s really keeping you from your goals. Whether those goals are to be happier, to be more productive and focused, to be less anxious, or to sleep better, we can help you pinpoint the issue and move forward with an evidence-based plan you can trust. Read more about how brain mapping works.
Dee O'Neill director of Brain Health Lifeologie Counseling
Dee O’Neill has joined us as our Director of Brain Health Services. She is a Keynote Speaker and the Founder of NeuroCognitive Fitness, a concierge brain fitness assessment and training practice to help clients better understand how their brain works and how to make it work better. Her background includes specialized education and experience in neuroscience and neurotechnology, along with coaching and counseling. This helps her effortlessly translate complex brain science principles into practical practices to maximize brain fitness.  

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