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Parenting Support and Counseling

Remember before you had kids, and you’d see other people’s children? In the airport. In the mall. At the movie theater. They were tiny and adorable. Or they were awkward, goofy tweens. Or they were polite and cheery teenagers. Or, do you remember when you were at the DMV (or secretary of state) trying to get your driver’s license renewed, and some lady was throwing cheerios at her kid to keep him quiet in the lobby? Remember how you were going to do it better?

Remember how you were going to have kids who listened the FIRST time? How you were never going to count to three? Remember how your kids were going to be able to skip naps every once in a while? How you were going to train them to sleep in on the weekends? How they were going to play your favorite sport so you could watch on Saturday mornings (in always beautiful weather)? Remember how they were going to be polite, and (for-heaven’s-sake) they were NOT going to be picky eaters?

Remember how they were going to make good grades? They were going to learn swimming and take piano lessons, and love the same bands you love? Remember how they were going to pick your alma mater to go to college? Remember how they were going to GO to college?

We remember that too.

Then… parenting. In the real world.

When rules and boundaries get run over. When you don’t know if it’s just sass or if there’s something wrong underneath. We’re here and we can help you when you don’t know how to decrease the chaos in your house. When you don’t know how to respond to a cutting teen, or how to coach your kids through a family divorce. Or when you aren’t certain how to respond when you find evidence they’ve been vaping. When you’re tired of counting to three to get them to listen (by the way, what happens at “3”? My theory is that we all implode.) When you find out your kid has been skipping school. When you find out they are sexually active.

We get it. We really do. We’ve been there, and we have someone who specializes in all of this confusion.

We can help you learn what research says is the most effective way to parent (according to over 30 years of research), and we can help you work it into your family.

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