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Marriage and Couples Counseling

On average, most couples let a problem fester within their relationship for six years before seeking therapy. Prepared couples will reach out for help before the problem gets out of hand. The counselors at Lifeologie Austin can help you manage work through the problems you’re facing with your spouse.

We work with all stages of marriage and for all types of couples, including the LGBTQ population:

  • Life Cycle Transitions: Becoming parents, newly empty nesters, career changes, and everything in-between
  • Blended Families: Remarried with step-children or co-parenting as a team
  • Late Stage Marital: Empty nesters and navigating being the only two in the house again; caring for aging parents or in-laws
  • Last Chance Marital: Feeling like you’ve tried everything to make it work and are running out of energy

Topics Often Addressed in Marriage Counseling And Therapy:

  • The Honeymoon Period: This phase of the relationship usually doesn’t encounter any issues, but once this phase ends, couples see many hurdles they need to overcome. Marriage counseling can assist couples with working on these obstacles for their relationship to move forward.
  • Communication and Listening: Most couples claim that communication is the primary reason for attending therapy. Strengthening communication skills for a couple can assist with the couple feeling a deeper connection within their relationship.
  • Finances: Many married couples share bank accounts, assets, and expenses. Disagreements with the finances can represent a power struggle within the relationship. Marriage counseling can assist with creating conversations and plans for a budget and assist couples with navigating finances as they continue to build their lives and family together.
  • Sex & Libido: Many people have different expectations about sex within their relationship. Not enough of this? Not often enough? These are difficult conversations to have within a relationship, as they are often very personal. Couples are able to explore their intimacy and are able to communicate their sexual needs in a judgment-free space with the help of marriage counseling.
  • Kids and Parenting: Building an appropriate structured family is often the main goal for couples. This means getting on the same page with parenting and providing discipline to children appropriately. Couples often forget that the marital dyad comes first. Our society stresses that our lives should revolve around our children, and this leads couples to forget to work on themselves. Children learn how relationships work by observing them, especially yours.
  • Long-held Resentment: The longer that a relationship lasts, the more likely that resentments develop within relationships. Resentment is the build-up of small aggravations that lead to lasting bitterness, loneliness, and anger. They stem deeply within the relationship and often occur due to infidelity or other betrayals. Resentment impacts both partners within a relationship. Marriage counseling can help guide couples to healing and moving forward within their relationship

When both parties are involved in the process, marriage counseling frequently leads to better and stronger relationships. Marriage counseling enhances the quality of your marriage by:

  • Creating an environment that you and your partner are able to express your frustrations and expectations for the marriage – whether it be about parenting, household chores, physical intimacy, finances, extended family, etc.
  • Building communication and listening skills so you and your partner are able to navigate disagreements and conflicts effectively and respectfully – without attacking your partner.
  • Guiding couples through the life cycle stages of marriage.
  • Addressing resentments to move forward and recover intimacy for you and your partner.
  • Confronting issues – such as, substance use, depression, illness, etc. – that have altered the dynamics of the relationship.
  • Reviving relationships where both parties have tried everything, but nothing seemed to work.

It’s important to focus on building a new, lasting foundation for a healthy marriage between you and your partner. Don’t give up on your relationship. Contact Lifeologie Washington Township for help today!