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Life Coaching in Plano and Richardson

What is Life Coaching?

When most people envision the purpose of therapy, they imagine the historical anchor of counseling in mental health services, which serve to address depression, anxiety, substance abuse, or trauma.

But, therapy isn’t simply about fixing what’s already broken! Although our counselors are pretty great at that too…

Life coaching is the branch of counseling that’s concerned with identifying solutions and routes to achieve a more successful future. If life coaching were a recipe, think of it as 1 part proper maintenance (like receiving regular oil changes for your car) and 2 parts self-optimization (ensuring that you extract the maximum potential out of your life).

Life coaching—which began as a technique to motivate CEOs to aspire to greater success—is now rooted in all of those powerful compound words that emphasize the self, such as self-enrichment, self-empowerment, self-determination, and self-care.

Individuals who seek life coaching now do so to achieve a variety of goals, both personal and professional in nature. Some of the most common objectives for life coaching include:

What Are The Common Domains Of Life Coaching?

Career, Work Life, & Financial Aspirations  

  • Planning your exit strategy from an unrewarding or soul-sucking job
  • Advocating for a deserved promotion or raise
  • Nailing job interviews, cover letters, and resumes
  • Launching or expanding your business
  • Motivating the “dead weight” on your work team
  • Communicating strategically—but honestly—with !@#$% co-workers and supervisors
  • Closing on your first home; repaying student loan or credit card debt; establishing retirement savings, secure investments, or college funds; and setting aside money for leisure opportunities (vacations to Spain; purchasing a kayak; enrolling in a cooking class; etc.)

Academic Success

  • Conquering perfectionism or procrastination (enabling you to maximize your leisure time AND excel in school!)
  • Studying smarter—not harder—and improving your academic performance
  • Defining long-term or short-term career goals; mastering prerequisite courses, shadowing requirements, admissions essays, reference letter requests, school interviews, and the subtle flourishes that elevate your accomplishments from the application stack; achieving acceptance into your dream college or post-baccalaureate program

Relationship Satisfaction

  • Breaking the destructive dating cycle of selecting emotionally unavailable partners; ditching the “losers” and kindling romance with the “keepers”
  • Enhancing emotional intimacy or heating up your sex life
  • Keeping the peace: Communicating and resolving conflicts more effectively
  • Forging common interests (e.g. Ethiopian food, social work, or scuba diving) and infusing the “fun” back into your relationship
  • Co-parenting your little monsters as a team

Health & Wellness

  • Articulating and attaining your fitness and nutrition goals; improving your body image; and nixing unhealthy habits (smoking, drinking, binge eating, or substance abuse)
  • Connecting with innovative techniques to promote stress management, including psychotherapeutic yoga, mindfulness, meditation, or guided relaxation
  • Implementing a sleep hygiene routine to bid “adieu” to insomnia or hypersomnolence

Spirituality, Life Purpose, & Balance

  • Accomplishing the ideal balance between your obligations and personal needs, including your career, quality time spent with family, socialization, romance, and self-enrichment or leisure activities
  • Resolving spiritual or religious uncertainties and deepening your commitment to faith
  • Sorting out quarter-life, mid-life, or existential crises and uncovering your authentic “life purpose”
  • Exploring new hobbies or adventures and leading a life unencumbered by fear

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