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How to Cope through Coronavirus: Techniques from an EMDR Therapist

How can I help? Well, First, by still providing my wonderful therapy services in Grand Rapids. I just happen to provide counseling remotely right now. You just might hear my snoring dog next to me while on a call. Maybe that’s a small perk? You tell me!

As an EMDR therapist, I have adapted some of my skills and one of them is teaching clients a skill that can come in handy for coping in times of high intense stress or anxiety: The Butterfly Hug. Super cute right? Who comes up with these?

Check out my demonstration below for some idea as to why this trick is a really handy way to calm some anxious feelings and why it might be named this way. We’re all in this together, one butterfly hug at a time working to manage that stress and anxiety!

If you think EMDR can be really helpful for you right now in feel free to reach out or if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us or by calling us at 616-929-0248.