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Interracial Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling Can Help Interracial Relationships Face Their Unique Challenges.

Couples counseling is aimed to help create stronger relationships, providing couples with tools to navigate differences in their relationship. For interracial couples these differences affect the relationship dynamics due to the unique challenges that these couples face. These challenges can be due to differences—both real and perceived – between partners. In addition to communication issues and other common relationship concerns, some interracial couples may also struggle with:

Interracial Relationships May Struggle With

  • A lack of understanding of how race has affected each partner’s life experience 
  • Differences in culture, including expectations about relationships
  • Disapproval of the relationship by family and friends
  • Societal judgment, assumptions, and sometimes harassment about the relationship 
  • Stress from frequently defining and defending the relationship to others
  • Racial identity issues of biracial/multiracial children

Couples counseling can be an opportunity to highlight and enhance the benefits of an interracial relationship, such as broadening your worldview and understanding of your partner.  At Lifeologie, counselors can use their expertise in couples therapy, their knowledge about interracial couples, and your own perspectives to help you address the challenges in your relationship.