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Counseling for Depression

Admitting that you struggle with depression is not easy. However, depression is very common. Over 300 million people are affected. Many people do not receive treatment for their depression. Just by reading this shows that you are on the right track.  You may hear from others to Just get out of the house and you’ll be fine. This is not always true and it’s okay to not feel fine. Sometimes this is a temporary feeling but other times it lingers.

How do I know if I have Depression?

Sometimes depression is brought on by a specific situation like getting fired or laid off, breaking up with a girlfriend, getting a divorce, or the loss of someone dear to you. Other time it can be triggered by some past trauma, perhaps a sexual assault, physical abuse, neglect in childhood, or having experienced a combat zone.

Depression is when clinical symptoms (feeling sad most of the day, diminished interest in all activities, weight change, change in sleep) affect your everyday functioning for at least two weeks.   

Other signs you are depressed

Depression can make you feel like there is no end in sight. You may sleep more but wake without feeling rested. Your appetite may be driving you to eat the whole box of chocolates where in the past your self-control limited you to one piece. At events or work, you are physically present but emotionally you are far, far away. In some cases, you may skip out on doing what needs to get done for the simple reason that leaving the house is too hard.

Many people are asked why they feel this way. In many cases, there may not be one specific reason why. Depression can make you feel as though your hope is gone. You are swimming in the ocean with no shore in sight.

Regardless of the cause, dealing with depression is really, really hard. Sadness fades. Unhappiness shifts.

How can depression therapy and counseling help me?

Depression is a manageable condition.  You may just need another perspective and someone very skilled to help you get “un-stuck”. Here at Lifeologie Counseling, your therapist will first assess your safety. Specifically to ensure that you are not having thoughts about hurting yourself or others. Then, your therapist will connect you with a treatment model that works for you and your unique life. At Lifeologie we are trained in a number of different therapy modalities and will identify the approach that is best for you. In addition to individual therapy approaches, group therapy of family/couples counseling may also be beneficial. This treatment plan will be your roadmap to overcoming depression.

Note that a more specialized treatment may necessary to address specific conditions like depression resulting in or from substance use, bipolar disorder, postpartum depression.

Let us help you regain control of your life. Depression is common but that doesn’t make it any easier to cope with it. Call us today at(616) 929-0248 so we can help.