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Couples Counseling

Couples therapy helps overcome issues found in any kind of relationship, including marriage. It can be helpful for couples who are not married, gay/same-sex couples, or even business partners.

Couples Counseling Topics:

1. Communication Styles

How to express frustration effectively, when you just can’t even… or how to break out of a cycle of poor communication when your every interaction with your partner spirals into a disagreement.

2. Sexual Intimacy Issues

What to do when the frequency (or rather, infrequency) of sex becomes a touchy subject; how to combat performance anxiety, low sexual arousal, or barriers to communicating your sexual desires to your partner.

3. Financial Disagreements

Does your partner spend impulsively or pinch pennies? how to reconnect when you’re drowning in debt, you’ve just lost your job, or one partner contributes unevenly to household finances.

4. Conflicting Worldviews & Backgrounds

How to find an argument-free space when your political or religious views diverge, or when you’re dating someone from a different socioeconomic, ethnic, or cultural background.

5. Interracial Couples

Understanding how your partner’s cultural background influences expectations of relationship roles and parenting styles; how to handle disapproving parents, friends, or the judgment of strangers; how to discuss race or discrimination with your kids.

6. Gay Couples

What to do when you and your partner have varying levels of openness regarding your sexualities; how to navigate interactions with family members who reject your relationship; how to discuss starting a family when your views conflict about whether/how LGBTQ couples should raise children.

7. Contradictory Parenting Styles

Reaching common ground when one parent views the other as “too strict” vs. “too permissive” or as overly involved in the kids’ lives vs. absent; carving out time for your romantic life while still devoting the very best of yourself to your kids.

8. In-laws & Extended Family

How to broach that yearly volatile conversation about where to spend the holidays; striking a balance between spending quality time with your parents vs. neglecting your partner; resolving tension when your partner and your parents don’t see eye to eye.

9. Division of Time & Labor

Deciding how to spend your free time when watching sports literally seems like torture; learning how to reconcile career ambitions with family life; ensuring that each partner contributes fairly to household responsibilities and raising the kiddos.

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